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Responsible Tourism

Tourism can take many forms across the world, but everyone involved in this has a responsibility to ensure that tourism is a force for good. Orissa is one such destination desperately peeps in this industry(business, destinations and visitors)for sustenance in long. At Insight Holidays sustainable and responsible have always been parts of our operation. We do not just operate tours for the sake of monetary benefit but instead we look at tourism as a means to address many major social problems that are being faced by the people of this region. Insight Holidays aims at & practicing to:

  • minimize negative economic, environmental and social impacts;
  • generate greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the wellbeing of local communities, improves working conditions and access to the industry;
  • to create an experience which is not only comfortable and memorable for the visitor but also is equally acceptable to the locals
  • participate and involvement of the local community in tourist activities
  • engender respect between tourists and local people, and builds local pride and confidence.
  • eliminate the middlemen who try to take undue advantage of the innocence of the natives and thus the actual deserving people are able to reap the benefits of our activities
  • make positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, to the maintenance of the region's diversity;

We invite you to explore the rich and diverse cultures of the 62 recognized tribes residing in Orissa. Join us as we share our ancient culture & traditions and continue to honor our heritage as hospitable people. Enjoy magnificent landscapes, breathtaking mountain ranges, unforgettable forests, pristine beaches, floras & faunas. Your patience and understanding of our environment, traditions and cultures is appreciated.