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Home stays


The major homestay are: Dhenkanal Royal Homestay, Belgadia Royal Homestay, AUL Royal Homestay, Kila Dalizoda Royal Homestay, Parikud Royal Homestay, Gajlaxmi Royal Homestay. Kanker Palace, Kawardha Palace, Bhoramdeo Jungle Retreat, Rajbari Bawali, Jhargram Palace, Itachuna Rajbari



Belgadia Palace


If you are looking for an offbeat adventure that allows you to live like royalty, in a palace surrounded by art and experience culture, head out to Belgadia Palace at Baripada.

Nestled amidst a lush green backdrop of rolling hills and sparkling waterfalls of Mayurbhanja is The Belgadia Palace at Baripada. Home to the erstwhile royal family of Mayurbhanj, this boutique property invites guests to take a trip down memory lane and introduces the idea of purposeful travel by engaging with the local tribal community and through curated tours to truly explore the state of Odisha, the soul of incredible India.  This unique blend of old and new is encapsulated at this off beat location which is an adventure lovers paradise a few hours from the Simlipal, an Elephant and Tiger UNESCO Biosphere, the second largest national park in India.

Day 1 : Bhubaneswar- Baripada.

Earlier in the day drive to Baripada. Check in to Belgadia Palace with the warmth of  royal elegance. After sumptuous lunch visit the nearby Barehipani & Jaronda Waterfall, Sitakund, Dokra Crafts village, Khiching Temple. Evening interact with the royal ancestors about the rich history & cultural importance. See some paitings & nature photography. Dinner and overnight stay at the Palace

Day 2 : Baripada- Departure.

After a refreshing morning rejuvenate yourself by joining the yoga class. Post breakfast checkout and proceed further to onward destinations



Kila Dalijoda Palace


Tucked away in a very remote corner, very close to the Chaudwar, is this property called "KILA DALIJODA". An EXCEPTIONAL and convenient getaway home for all. Beautifully described by one of the travellers as “A little gem in the heart of Odisha “.

This beautiful Palace was built by "Raja Jyoti Prasad Singh Deo", the great grandfather of Debjit Singh Deo in 1931. Once used as an exclusive hunting resort of the Rulers of Panchakote Raj Dynasty and their family members. A very beautiful two storied stone house built in laterite stone, dedicated exclusively to his family deity, commonly known as "Rajabati", is situated very close to Chaudwar. The serene beauty of Kapilas Elephant Sanctuary and it's surroundings hills forms a breath taking back drop to this beautiful property.


Day 1 : Bhubaneswar -  Kila Dalijoda

Morning drive to  Chaudwar & Check in at the Heritage Hunting Lodge of  Dalijoda.  Post check in after a short relaxation and orientation of property head to have lunch. In Food menu due to traditional belief chicken and chicken eggs are not served. Instead farm quail and quail eggs are a delicacy here. Duck eggs are offered only in winter season. Post lunch opt for Jeep safari, Fishing, angeling & Cycling. Evening enjoy the bonfire . You can also learn Indian cooking offered by the host couple. Dinner & Ovenight stay.

Day 2 : Dila – Dalijodi  - Departure


Today morning rejuvenate yourself by joining the yoga class followed by short trek. Post breakfast checkout and proceed further to onward destinations.


Gajalaxmi Palace


Romancing the nature with an old world charm. Not just another of your jungle resorts. But what was a way of life for Dhenkanal Royal family. To Live close to nature and in undisturbed harmony, what really is unique is the relationship you share with the wild here. Trusting and welcoming each other. Much like the rooms that are warm, welcoming, comfortable yet simple. The royal anecdotes of brush with the elephants come for free as do tips for jungle living. Its home of family that has been living in nature for years.When you Leave, you will have is heart full of peace and tranquility and a mindful of things to do.


Day 1 : Bhubaneswar – Dehnkanal

Drive amid beautiful greenery to get in to the elegant Gajalaxmi Palace. On arrival check in at the Palace. Take a brief about the resort facilities. Post lunch you may set out to enjoy trekking & Jeep Safari or simply love the outdoor greens. You may chance upon watching elephants, wild boars, barking deer, rabbits, jungle fowls, pea fowls, civet cats etc. in their natural habitat if you are lucky. Experience an unique vacation with your own personal hosts, being treated as royalty, enjoying all the comforts of home at Gajlaxmi palace. Dinner and overnight stay at the Palace.


Day 2 : Dhenkanal - Bhubaneswar

Today morning enjoy the beautiful sunrise from your resort. Later rejuvenate yourself by joining the yoga class followed by short trek. Post breakfast checkout and proceed further to onward destinations



Dhenkanal Palace


A truly royal eastern retreat, Dhenkanal Palace, the residence of the former Rajas of Dhenkanal is now a heritage homestay where one can experience history, tradition, art, culture and heritage of Dhenkanal.

The last ruler, Raja Shankar Pratap Mahindra Bahadur (1925 – 65), was the seventeenth ruler since the foundation of the State and the first ruler in Orissa to merge with India in 1948. The present Raja of Dhenkanal is Brig Raja Kamakhya Prasad Singh Deo Mahindra Bahadur.

The palace has Rooms which can accomodate upto 24 guests. Two large family rooms serve as lounges for the relaxation while the library of the Raja of Dhenkanal is available for the reading delights of the guests. There is also a shop offering soveniers.


Day 1 : Bhubaneswar – Dehnkanal Palace

Drive to Dhenkanal Palace and check in with royal greet. Post lunch take time to explore places of natural beauty, Handicrafts, Handloom, temples and monastries. The many picnic and leisure spots, the brass casting ‘Dokra’ at Sadeibereni, the exquisite weaving of silk and cotton sarees at Nuapatna, the seat of the Alekh Mahima Dharma, the tribal villages of the Majhis, Mundas and Sabars around Dhenkanal offer the guests a varied itinerary to glimpse into the culture and diversity that Odisha has to offer. You may have the pleasure of glimpsing some wildlife during outdoor treks and travel. Evening enjoy folk music and dance recitals at the Durbar Hall of the Palace.

Day 2 : Dhenkanal  Palace- Bhubaneswar

This refreshing morning rejuvenate yourself by joining the yoga class followed by short trek. Post breakfast checkout and proceed further to onward destinations



Kila Aul Palace


On the bank of river Kharasrota Kila Aul Palace is a vintage home stay magnificently built over sprawling 30 acres dating back to 1590. Aul Palace architecture and its structure is a blend of old medieval art with “Garh”, Deoris, courtyards and colonial design with rooms which has present day amenities . The Palace has 7 elegant rooms (4 Double AC Rooms, 2 Double Non AC Rooms and 1 Single Non AC Room) with toilet, the old Darbar, Temple and Courtyards. The palace also has a huge orchard consisting of various fruit and herbal trees and plants which were planted by past generations. Tamarind , berries, coconut, mango, palm, star fruit , litchee, jack fruit , sapatas and dates palm are found here. Bhitarakanika National Park is located 20 kms downstream from The Aul Palace & the renowned Chandipur Beach lies 125kms north of Aul. From here within 50kms you can visit the famous Buddhist circuit of Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri & Udaigir.



Kila Dalijoda


Kila Dalijoda home stay spread  over 20 Acres of land is one of it's kind mansion like structure having an European style architecture and fittings, with arched windows and doors fitted with colored glasses and it has the most modern furniture and fittings of past era including self generating electricity. The property is surrounded by high walls. Two huge water reservoirs are adjacent to the property offering a grand view of the surrounding life and makes an ideal place to sit out for an evening sundowners with bonfire story sessions. The serene beauty of Kapilas Elephant Sanctuary and it's surroundings hills forms a breath taking back drop to this beautiful property. This heritage home stay will take you to new level of coveted experience, be it their family heritage, culture, food, rural lifestyle, wildlife, nature walks, tribal life, village haats, birdlife, Angling and much more.  It has 4 rooms (2 Heritage Suits and 2 Roof Cottages).The rooms are huge and spotlessly clean and fully furnished with beautiful antique furniture. The design and décor is befitted to bring in the feel of a Lost Era and it's "Old World Charm".

Food Note: Due to traditional belief chicken and chicken eggs are not served. Instead farm quail and quail eggs are a delicacy here. Duck eggs are offered only in winter season.




Kanker Palace


With a maharaja’s palace at its heart, Kanker is a forgotten place that few stumble upon. Kanker Maharaja’s Palace a comfort of  old worldliness  is just 130-km drive away from the Raipur. Built in the first quarter of the last century, and rebuilt and set in a garden in 1937, Kanker Palace was earlier known as Radhanivas Bagicha. The residence of the British Agent during the Raj, it is now lived in by the Royal family. With its Colonial style architecture, the Palace is stately, elegant, and has an old world charm and ambience. 5Rooms in the Right Wing of the Palace, 2 in the Aannexe and 4 in the Cottages outside have been developed to host Guests. These have modern facilities, including Western style baths and toilets. On the whole, however, it’s attempt is to retain the earthy flavour of the region.



Kawardha Palace


Kawardha Palace, an impressive palace in Kawardha, Chhattisgarh located at about 140 km from Raipur, is spreader across 11 acres of beautiful landscape. Situated over the Maikal hill range presently converted to a heritage hotel for the visitors being managed by Vishvarajah Maharaja and his family who are also living in one part of the palace. Designed and built using Italian white marble and stone, the amazing place is surrounded by greenery and scenic hills. Its architecture is a blend of Italian, Mogul and Colonial styles which makes it more impressive.

The rooms were comfortable and equipped as one would expect for a 20th century colonial Palace. The best part is Maharaja Yogeshwar Raj Singh and his wife joins dinner with the guests regale  with stories about the Palace, their families, the sights in the area and so on. Near the Palace are the 10th century Bhoramdeo Temple, dedicated to Shiva and known for Khajuraho type carvings, and local markets and rural villages which give ample opportunity to observe and photograph the fascinating Baiga tribe, which is noted for the intricate tattooing of women's faces, arms, legs, etc. The area around the Palace is well worth a few days of sightseeing and the Palace Kawardha is the place to stay and unwind after this sightseeing.



West Bengal


Rajbari Bawali


The Rajbari Bawali, an extraordinary architectural masterpiece, was built around 250 years ago and now the only remaining building from this time, albeit in ruins, has been salvaged and exquisitely restored to reflect the opulence, style and grace of the Zamindars of Bengal. Ajay Rawla, the current owner accidentally stumbled upon the property on a date he remembers well: the 23rd of January 2008. Now not one bit of the beautiful palace has been evaded as he has tried to restore every corner of the old Rajbari to give the essence of Royalty dating back to Akbar’s time. The beautiful Rajbari have 5 types of rooms (Classic Heritage, Notun bari, Zamindari Suite, Royal suite, Dak Bungalow) with attached bathroom. The rooms are decorated with the different types of antique furniture, marble flooring and high ceilings which showcase the royal history of palace. Every type of room has its own specialty. Rather than the palace have swimming pool, library, Biliards room.



Jhargram Palace


The enthralling scenic beauty and traditions of Jhargram have mesmerized tourists all over, time and again. It is a place where the rivers meet the hills and the wilderness of the forests beckon the exploring travelers. The Jhargram Palace is the current residence of the Malla Dev Royal family. Situated in Jhargram district, West Bengal, it is a structure combining the Italian and Islamic architecture model. About 10 rooms on the ground floor have been converted into a Heritage Hotel run by the family. The Palace is an opulent Italianate structure, set in carefully laid lawns and gardens which was built in 1922 CE, during the reign of Raja Narasingha Malla Dev Bahadur. In the Palace campus, so evocative of a regal lifestyle, the past comes alive. A stay at the Jhargram Palace will bring the legends of the famous Malla Dev rulers to the fore. Here you can experience the royal lifestyle that was once the tradition of the Jhargram Kings. The rich heritage and the history of the royal family is sure to excite guest who are interested to know and explore the rulers of ancient India.


Itachuna Rajbari


Itachuna royal heritage homestay is the brain child of the present inheritors of the family Mr. Rabindra Narayan Kundu, Mr. Dhruva Narayan Kundu and Mr. Basav Narayan Kundu. The other name of Itachuna Rajbari is ‘Bargee Danga’ is situated approx 70 kms from Kolkata via Durgapur highway express, Bosipur & Halusai. A part of this mansion has been opened by the owners to the tourists. They have several options for the guests to choose with interesting names for rooms – Boro Boudi, Choto Boudi, Thakuma, Boro Pishi, Kaka Babu and Jatha Mashai. You can also opt for the cozy mud huts with modern facilities – Aparajita, Madhabilata, Kanaklata and Jhumkolata. Check in time is 12 noon and check out at 10 am.