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An Insight to the Culture of Orissa

The lure of Orissa lies in its tribal population who continues to be a source of deep interest for anthropologists, sociologists and for numerous tourists as well who throng to Orissa in search of the exotic mystique of this relatively unexplored state. In orissa one out of every four persons is an Adivasi or Tribal. Out of 62 tribes most of the Adivasis are high land habitats with opulent ethnic trait, cultures and customs dominated by varying languages.
They live in a certain degree of seclusion and prestine form.The culture conscious tribes are able to preserve their social customs and dignified values. Each one with its own culture and traditions is still leading a simple, traditional and colourful life, hunting and agriculture, amidst deep woods, valleys, lush forests, and primitive situations in spite of the inroads of so-called modern civilization and developmental programmes. The most primitive tribes are Bondas, Gadabas, Koyas, Kondhas,Parajas and Sauras or Sabar that had a respectable mentioning in the epic of Mahabharata.

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