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You’ve been dreaming about your honeymoon from the time you were sixteen or even less. Now that you’re married, this is where you can make that a reality!
There are many romantic places around the world and your honeymoon is something you'll remember forever. Do not take your honeymoon in a lighter vein if you really want to make it special. Honeymoon Ideas and Tips are for your assistance while planning your honeymoon travel. Honeymoon does not mean making love after marriage. Honeymoon is beyond that. Honeymoon is a time to know each other well so that you can make your life heaven by developing a good understanding.

  • Decide your honeymoon destination along with your partner. Do not assume yourself that she/he will love to be at the destination you choose. Search for a commonly liked exotic honeymoon destination.
  • Set a budget for your honeymoon and decide everything in advance.
  • Do not go for your honeymoon the very next day of your marriage.
  • Do not go by the advices of your family and friends. Only gather information from them and follow your heart. In any case do not forget to seek advise of your beloved.
  • Do not forget to take a camera with you so as not to miss the charm of the new romantic destination.
  • If you are planning your romantic getaways abroad, make sure to update the passport of the new bride with new address and married name.
  • A honeymoon gift will surely enhance the warmth of love between you two. Give a gift of memento or romantic item to your partner.

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